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Inspections For Your Future

Pre-Purchase Inspections

Don’t buy a home without checking with reliable inspectors like JJ Inspection Services, LLC in Minneapolis, first. Our wide array of services will give you that peace of mind that comes with knowing your new property does not have hidden issues. We know life can get crazy so we are available for scheduling on evenings and weekends as well.

Home Inspection

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New or old, inspecting the physical condition of a house is an important part of the home-buying process. In fact, it should be included in your purchase contract as a condition of closing the sale. We will evaluate every major system, from roof to foundation of your future home, to ensure the systems are doing the task for which they were designed. We are certified through the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors and hold a background by the Minneapolis Association of Realtors. 

Certified through the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors:  NACHI16050413 

Buyers often only find problems with their home such as: a leaking roof, electrical problems, appliances not working correctly, rodents, mold, moisture accumulation, poor insulation and ventilation, or foundation failure after they move in. A home inspection can make you aware of these problems before you buy.

Mold Inspections and Remediation (Air Quality Test) 

Are you or your family member constantly feeling sick or have aggravated allergy symptoms? Sick home syndrome is an issue with many homes in the United States.  Occupants may complain of symptoms such as sensory irritation of the eyes, nose, throat; neurotoxic or general health problems, skin irritation, or nonspecific hypersensitivity reactions and infectious diseases. If you suspect that your home or business has a mold or air quality problem, JJ Inspection Service Professionals can inspect and assess your property. If you're constantly feeling sick or are having allergies, mold may be a cause. If mold is found, we have the training, equipment, and expertise to handle the situation. Before mold remediation can begin, we will locate and address any sources of water or moisture. Otherwise, the mold may return. We are trained and certified through the International Association of Certified Indoor Air Consultants and the International Restoration Institute For Mold Remediation. Call us for a free consultation if you see mold.

Certified through the International Remediation Institute: http://www.iriedu.com/certified-specialists/justin-donnell-mold-remediation-specialist-otsego-minnesota-55330.html#gsc.tab=0

You can add a security evaluation to your home inspection for just $139.

Radon Testing

Radon is present everywhere, and as of now, there is no known safe level. Nevertheless, your greatest exposure is where it can concentrate the most (your indoor space) and where you spend the most time (at home). Your home can have radon, regardless if it’s new or old, well-sealed or drafty. Studies show that radon is the leading cause of cancer deaths in non-smokers  in the United States. Get your radon tests the same day as your inspection.

In Minnesota alone, two in five homes have radon levels that could potentially pose health risks. Also, nearly 80% of the counties in Minnesota are rated high radon zones.

The Minnesota Department of Health recommends a radon mitigation system for homes that have a radon level over 4.0 PCL/i. It’s important to know whether or not your new home needs a mitigation system.

Water Testing

Did you know that many water tests from wells we test come back from the lab with high E.coli or natural occurring arsenic levels?
Studies of groundwater in Minnesota and some other states suggest that natural arsenic concentrations exceeding 10 micrograms per liter are more common than previously recognized. The good news is both arsenic and bacteria can be removed from the water with the correct remediation. 

Home Maintenance

If you're tired of trying to keep up with the many of required maintenance needs of your home we are your answer. We offer 3 different home packages to keep your home in good condition, improve air quality, and keep the current value high. If the packages we offer do not work for your needs or budget, we can develop a custom package. If you would like a free evaluation just give us a call.

Getting Ready To Sell?

We offer "ready to sell" services which will prep your home for potential buyers. See our Help us Sell! tab at the top of the page.